Distracted Thinking when Shopping

Lack of focus is also blamed for impulse buying and researchers suggest that a person who goes through shopping with a distracted mind is likely to get things he or she doesn’t need. With the busy lives that people live today, it is easy to see why almost everybody could easily become a victim of impulse buying.
According to psychologists, impulse buyers also tend to be anxious and can hardly get control of their emotions. This lack of emotional control plays out in the shopping malls where the buyer is unable to resist the urge to spend.

The desire to impress
The desire to impress others is also blamed for impulse buying. The buyer could be doing this out of low self-esteem in which case he or she will do anything to impress other people including complete strangers. Other people in this category are people who buy stuff to fit-in with people in their social circle who have similar or identical products.

Using shopping as a pastime
There are also people who simply shop for fun. If you have loads of money to spend and just started shopping online or visited the stores, you’ll most probably end up with stuff you do not need.
Whatever could make a person get caught up in impulse buying, the fact is that it is a harmful habit that you should strive to get rid of.

Tips to help you Shop Smarter and Save Money

Whatever your financial situation, being able to save money when shopping is important as it means we have more funds available for other things we need. Shopping smart is not rocket science and with good preparation and planning, all of us can become smart shoppers.

Learn when to make a purchase
One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to avoid buying an item you know you’ll need until the last minute. In such a situation, you have no choice but to pay the sticker price. With forward planning however, it is possible to make savings if you can buy the item in advance, especially when the supply is higher than the demand. This is especially true for seasonal goods – when you go to the shops with everybody else, you’ll pay much higher than you would have paid if you made your purchase off-season.
And much as it is tempting to buy a product as soon as it is launched, remember that the introductory prices are likely to be higher than what they’ll become a few months later. Prices will naturally fall as the demand for the product falls and this kind of timing will help you save money. In any case, it is possible that as the demand falls, the item you crave will go on sale.

Shop for substitutes
The item you wish to buy might not be the only one capable of meeting your requirements. In fact, nearly every product in the market today has a similar or identical product capable of fulfilling the same purpose. Shopping around will help you find substitutes that cost less than the item you craved.
In addition to looking for substitute goods, avoid getting stuck with just a single shopping outlet. While loyalty to an outlet might have its advantages, it is important to remember that the goods you buy are also available in many other outlets which could be cheaper. If you have been buying at a physical store, for example, an online search might show you other sources including online stores or individuals who are selling the product you are looking for.

Some items are only used infrequently and, if the item requires a huge capital outlay, it might be more prudent to hire it when the need arises than to make an outright purchase.  Take for instance if you like coffee, you may go online and look for Best whole bean coffee.  This may not be the best coffee you find, but chances are there is a reason why you found it.

Careful planning will not only help you avoid impulse buying but will also help you make substantial savings in the long run.

The Reasons Why People Get Involved in Impulse

Impulse buying is certainly bad for the person engaging in it but it works just fine for sellers. While most people won’t admit it, impulse buying affects a vast majority of people including those who are supposed to know the harmful effects of falling in this trap.

Evidence of this can be found in many homes which are packed to the brim with stuff that people bought but ceased to use after just a little while. Psychologists have studied the reasons that lead to impulse buying and have suggested ways in which we could keep clear of this bad and financially crippling habit.

The need to fill a void
Psychologists have established that most of the people who are unlikely to get involved in impulse buying have a feeling of emptiness which they try to fill through feelings of gratification.

Feeling power depraved, such people are likely to engage in acts that make them feel empowered. Making a purchase makes such a person feel empowered even if the feeling is just temporary.

Shopping Mistakes

Common In-Store Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – For our home supplies, a visit to either an online shop or an in-store one is inevitable at some point. While there is a huge shift to online shopping, there are plenty of shoppers who never feel satisfied unless they do their shopping in a store. When shopping in the stores, which are the most common mistakes you are likely to make and how can you avoid them?

Falling in for discounts – While you might be the biggest deal chaser, a discount should only be made of if you are purchasing an item you really need. So, if you went to a shop and saw a discount on an item that you did not initially go to buy or one that you have no immediate need for, spending money on it will mean that you’ll end up exceeding the budget you had initially created.

Using a huge shopping cart – Whenever you go to a store for your shopping, you are likely to get tempted to just keep shopping whenever you pick a big shopping cart. Researchers have established that having the big cart is most likely to make you want to fill it thereby exceeding your budget. It therefore helps to pick a small cart and, should it not be sufficient, pick an additional one as you go on shopping.

Failing to know the prices of commonly bought items – If you are a frequent shopper at a certain store, it is important to know the prices of the items you normally buy. Unless you do, you’ll never know when the items are discounted and you will lose a chance to stock up during the discount period and will therefore lose money you could have otherwise saved.

Failing to buy authentic products – Some luxury items desired by people cost so much that many people who cannot afford them have no qualms buying counterfeit. The number of such items is rather big and will include luxury watches, cosmetics, designer shoes and items of clothing among others. Of course you save money when you buy such goods but, while you might enjoy them for a while, they are certainly not made to last and you’ll be losing money in the long run. Moreover, such goods could pose health risk in addition to putting you in trouble with the law if you were ever to use them in the countries of origin.

Lets go fishing

This months blog post is all about fishing sent in from our good friends House Washing Spokane specialists.

Some anglers think that artificial lures are a recent invention and are probably less effective than natural baits. The truth however is that artificial baits have been in use for a very long time. In fact there are plenty of fishermen who prefer to use artificial baits and they have good reasons.
For starters, artificial baits are much easier to use than natural ones. When you use natural bait that you have to keep casting, you always run the risk of killing your bait or damaging it to the extent that it is no longer effective. With artificial bait, all you need to do is just tie it on and regardless of the number of times you cast your lure will remain intact.

Lure manufacturers make them available in a vast array of shapes, colors and designs. It is therefore possible to obtain the exact lure you are looking for. The downside to this greatness in variety however, is that it might end up confusing you. Without adequate experience, you might just pick bait that is pleasant to look at but whose efficacy you cannot tell.

When you use natural bait you might need to change your bait after every catch. This is not necessary when you use artificial bait. Artificial baits therefore make it possible to fish more effectively.

How to choose artificial baits
Despite the great variety, the choice of artificial baits need not be so bewildering. Depending on where you intend to go fishing, you should arm yourself with different varieties of bait. The bait that will be useful for surface fishing might prove ineffective for bottom fishing. Moreover, some bait might fail to attract certain species of fish.

If you intend to carry out surface fishing, your best bet would be the artificial baits known as poppers. They have been given this name because they produce a popping sound when jerked and this sound lures the fish.

The baits known as crank baits can be used for both surface and deep fishing. They look similar to small fish and when they are cast they have the ability to attract fish of varying species.
If you wish to attract fish by imitating the movements of small fish, you should use the baits known as spinners. When reeled, spinners assume the movements of small fish and also produce vibrations that attract fish.

There are other types of artificial baits that you could go for and when not sure what to use, you should seek the advice of an experienced angler.

The Prudence of Online Shopping

The advent of online stores offering all manner of goods has transformed the way people go about making their purchases in a very short time. While there are plenty of die-hard shoppers for whom shopping is never complete without a visit to the mall, there also plenty of shoppers who have embraced online stores and who see no reason to visit malls.

Good for the impulsive buyer
There are so many people who can never stick to a budget however hard they try. True, you could make a list of the items you need before you head to the stores but if you are a compulsive buyer, chances are that you’ll end up buying a whole lot of items that were not on your list. Some impulsive buyers will only stop because they have run out of money.

When you shop online the temptations in the malls that lead to impulsive buying are avoided.
When you shop online, you do not need to drive to a store (and therefore waste money on gas and parking fees in addition to getting caught in traffic). While there are shipping expenses for items bought online, the convenience of receiving your delivery at home far outweighs the expense incurred in shipping fees.
When purchasing an item for the first time, you might have no idea about how to rate it or the kind of reputation the manufacturer has. In malls and stores, there is nobody you can truly trust to give you an honest opinion about such a product. When you go online however, you’ll find lots of honest reviews written by people who have actually used the product and this will help you make an informed decision.
However well-stocked a physical store is, it is unlikely to contain all the items you’ll ever need. When you do in-store shopping you’ll most probably have to move from one store to another in search of an elusive item. This is both time consuming and expensive. When you shop online however, you can hop from one shop to another from the comfort of your couch.
While there have been issues with some online shops not delivering goods in the condition they have advertised (thereby starting a war with customers over refunds or replacements) the conveniences of shopping online are there for all to see. Just like the traditional stores and malls, online shops have varying reputations and if you are careful to shop at a reputable online shop you can enjoy all the conveniences of this modern way of shopping without encountering any problems.  The same as if you were looking for a good carpet cleaning company how would you pick.

Shopping as Therapeutic Relief

Busy and dedicated moms need a special day of the week where they do nothing but relax. Saturdays should be an exclusive day for bonding with the girl friends. Being a mom is a tough job. For six days, all you’ve been wearing is a chef’s hat, nanny’s hat, and mom’s hat. You deserve a break to take off your mommy hat and look after yourself.  After all, you’ve been doing a great job in taking good care of your family. A day at the coffee shop with a warm cup of latte and a great conversation with friends would be a great start in winding up.  Shopping is also one way to relax. Most people use Retail Therapy as a great way to release the stressful vibes.  It is true that Shopping is a therapeutic relief for a stressed out mom. That is why; checking that your budget is still in good shape is a wiser move. You don’t want to pile up more stress in the end by knowing that you’ve already spent too much.  To spare you the trouble that overspending brings, here are a few tips on how to save money when shopping:

Therapeutic Relief from Shopping

1. Shopping Game Plan.  Plan, set a budget and save up for your shopping urges. Do your best to remind yourself to stay sane and stay within that limit.

2. First things first. Make a list on what you want and what you need beforehand. That way you can steer clear of impulse shopping.

3. Check and compare the prices from other stores. It will come out as a surprise that some stores offer cheaper prices than others.

4. Coupons help you save, big time. Take advantage of coupons for items that have a long shelf life. You can buy bulk items with coupons and save more money.

5. Get rid of the plastic. Leave your credit card in the car and start using cash. Use cash while shopping. This is a great way to stop the urge from overspending on unnecessary trinkets. Plus, it’s far way unreasonable to pay more for your interests than the price of the item itself.

6. Make sure that your car is in good shape. Even though this isn’t related to shopping at all, a car drama can ruin your special day. It leaves you no choice but to spend your shopping money for its repair. One good way to avoid this is finding an auto services that offer unique and professional service. You won’t even have to worry even if your car gets a dent or a scratch from an unanticipated incident on the road. A Spokane Auto Body Shop like NW Dent  can make your car pretty after a mess. Some Car Repair services offer you more unnecessary stuff to make you pay more. That is a red flag. Good thing about these guys is, they give the best and honest service for a reasonable price.

7. Turn your Cell phone off. Take a break. Stop answering calls, emails, texts and checking your Facebook and Instagram Feeds. A few hours on Saturday is your special privilege. Spend it well.

How to Do Shopping For Home within Budget?


Managing a home on a budget is really a very difficult job. There are so many expenses and bills that many of us have to prioritize the bills to be paid. If too many bills remain unpaid, then the whole budget for you home will collapse. To avoid this drastic situation, we can try to save some money in any way possible without compromising with our standard of living. Kids’ fees, other school expenses and payment for the essential services are the expenses where it is not possible to make savings as they have to be paid on time each month. You can save on the energy bills if your use is prudent and there is no wastage at your home. Grocery shopping is one place you will be able to save some money if you shop prudently and intelligently.

Tips for saving money on grocery shopping


  • The first and most important way of saving on your grocery bill is to limit the instances of eating out. You can always eat out on special occasions and celebrations but make it a regular event means you are spending too much on food. When the instances of eating out or ordering in are limited, you will see that you will be able to save a considerable amount of money.
  • Prepare a budget for grocery shopping each month and try to stay within that limit. This will make you cut down on fringe items like chocolates or desserts and you will save some money.
  • Make a list before going grocery shopping. Making a list and sticking to it while shopping is the most effective way of saving on thegrocery This way you will only purchase the items you need, and there will be no impulse shopping. This will result in aconsiderable saving.
  • Purchase more fresh foods rather than canned foods as fresh foods like fruits andvegetables are healthier and cheaper compared to canned foods. If the specific fruits and vegetables are very cheap in the season, then you can buy them in bulk and can them yourself. This will save you money and you will be able to it quality canned food the whole year.
  • While purchasing meat, you can ask the butcher for the less costly cuts of They will not compromise on the quality but will save you money.
  • You can buy staple food like flour, pulses of generic products rather than purchasing these products from branded companies.
  • Compare prices from different stores. You will be surprised to find that many products are available at fewer prices in different stores. This way you will definitely save some money.
  • If there are some coupons for the items like toilet rolls or pulses which have a long shelf life, then you can buy them in bulk with the coupons and save money.
  • Using cash instead of credit card is also an effective way to save money. Keep your credit cards in the car and try to make your shopping within the cash you have. This is an effective strategy as when you have to shop within cash budget, you spend it only on priorities.