Shopping as Therapeutic Relief

Busy and dedicated moms need a special day of the week where they do nothing but relax. Saturdays should be an exclusive day for bonding with the girl friends. Being a mom is a tough job. For six days, all you’ve been wearing is a chef’s hat, nanny’s hat, and mom’s hat. You deserve a break to take off your mommy hat and look after yourself.  After all, you’ve been doing a great job in taking good care of your family. A day at the coffee shop with a warm cup of latte and a great conversation with friends would be a great start in winding up.  Shopping is also one way to relax. Most people use Retail Therapy as a great way to release the stressful vibes.  It is true that Shopping is a therapeutic relief for a stressed out mom. That is why; checking that your budget is still in good shape is a wiser move. You don’t want to pile up more stress in the end by knowing that you’ve already spent too much.  To spare you the trouble that overspending brings, here are a few tips on how to save money when shopping:

Therapeutic Relief from Shopping

1. Shopping Game Plan.  Plan, set a budget and save up for your shopping urges. Do your best to remind yourself to stay sane and stay within that limit.

2. First things first. Make a list on what you want and what you need beforehand. That way you can steer clear of impulse shopping.

3. Check and compare the prices from other stores. It will come out as a surprise that some stores offer cheaper prices than others.

4. Coupons help you save, big time. Take advantage of coupons for items that have a long shelf life. You can buy bulk items with coupons and save more money.

5. Get rid of the plastic. Leave your credit card in the car and start using cash. Use cash while shopping. This is a great way to stop the urge from overspending on unnecessary trinkets. Plus, it’s far way unreasonable to pay more for your interests than the price of the item itself.

6. Make sure that your car is in good shape. Even though this isn’t related to shopping at all, a car drama can ruin your special day. It leaves you no choice but to spend your shopping money for its repair. One good way to avoid this is finding an auto services that offer unique and professional service. You won’t even have to worry even if your car gets a dent or a scratch from an unanticipated incident on the road. A Spokane Auto Body Shop like NW Dent  can make your car pretty after a mess. Some Car Repair services offer you more unnecessary stuff to make you pay more. That is a red flag. Good thing about these guys is, they give the best and honest service for a reasonable price.

7. Turn your Cell phone off. Take a break. Stop answering calls, emails, texts and checking your Facebook and Instagram Feeds. A few hours on Saturday is your special privilege. Spend it well.

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