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This months blog post is all about fishing sent in from our good friends House Washing Spokane specialists.

Some anglers think that artificial lures are a recent invention and are probably less effective than natural baits. The truth however is that artificial baits have been in use for a very long time. In fact there are plenty of fishermen who prefer to use artificial baits and they have good reasons.
For starters, artificial baits are much easier to use than natural ones. When you use natural bait that you have to keep casting, you always run the risk of killing your bait or damaging it to the extent that it is no longer effective. With artificial bait, all you need to do is just tie it on and regardless of the number of times you cast your lure will remain intact.

Lure manufacturers make them available in a vast array of shapes, colors and designs. It is therefore possible to obtain the exact lure you are looking for. The downside to this greatness in variety however, is that it might end up confusing you. Without adequate experience, you might just pick bait that is pleasant to look at but whose efficacy you cannot tell.

When you use natural bait you might need to change your bait after every catch. This is not necessary when you use artificial bait. Artificial baits therefore make it possible to fish more effectively.

How to choose artificial baits
Despite the great variety, the choice of artificial baits need not be so bewildering. Depending on where you intend to go fishing, you should arm yourself with different varieties of bait. The bait that will be useful for surface fishing might prove ineffective for bottom fishing. Moreover, some bait might fail to attract certain species of fish.

If you intend to carry out surface fishing, your best bet would be the artificial baits known as poppers. They have been given this name because they produce a popping sound when jerked and this sound lures the fish.

The baits known as crank baits can be used for both surface and deep fishing. They look similar to small fish and when they are cast they have the ability to attract fish of varying species.
If you wish to attract fish by imitating the movements of small fish, you should use the baits known as spinners. When reeled, spinners assume the movements of small fish and also produce vibrations that attract fish.

There are other types of artificial baits that you could go for and when not sure what to use, you should seek the advice of an experienced angler.

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