The Reasons Why People Get Involved in Impulse

Impulse buying is certainly bad for the person engaging in it but it works just fine for sellers. While most people won’t admit it, impulse buying affects a vast majority of people including those who are supposed to know the harmful effects of falling in this trap.

Evidence of this can be found in many homes which are packed to the brim with stuff that people bought but ceased to use after just a little while. Psychologists have studied the reasons that lead to impulse buying and have suggested ways in which we could keep clear of this bad and financially crippling habit.

The need to fill a void
Psychologists have established that most of the people who are unlikely to get involved in impulse buying have a feeling of emptiness which they try to fill through feelings of gratification.

Feeling power depraved, such people are likely to engage in acts that make them feel empowered. Making a purchase makes such a person feel empowered even if the feeling is just temporary.

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