Distracted Thinking when Shopping

Lack of focus is also blamed for impulse buying and researchers suggest that a person who goes through shopping with a distracted mind is likely to get things he or she doesn’t need. With the busy lives that people live today, it is easy to see why almost everybody could easily become a victim of impulse buying.
According to psychologists, impulse buyers also tend to be anxious and can hardly get control of their emotions. This lack of emotional control plays out in the shopping malls where the buyer is unable to resist the urge to spend.

The desire to impress
The desire to impress others is also blamed for impulse buying. The buyer could be doing this out of low self-esteem in which case he or she will do anything to impress other people including complete strangers. Other people in this category are people who buy stuff to fit-in with people in their social circle who have similar or identical products.

Using shopping as a pastime
There are also people who simply shop for fun. If you have loads of money to spend and just started shopping online or visited the stores, you’ll most probably end up with stuff you do not need.
Whatever could make a person get caught up in impulse buying, the fact is that it is a harmful habit that you should strive to get rid of.

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